Introducing Pint Takeaway


A number of weeks ago I began thinking about what I would write in the editor’s introduction to the Summer edition of Pint Taken. In the world of magazine publishing these things are done quite far in advance. I was going to write about how two damaging storms and floods had caused disruption to homes and businesses in Worcestershire (as well as nationwide) and I concluded that I was sure everyone was looking forward to a fantastic summer. Things didn’t look – at that point – like they could become any worse for the Spring. I, like everyone else, could not have predicted what has happened in the past few weeks – the sweeping changes being made to our lives and the restrictions we now face as a society.

It was with heavy heart that I announced that the next edition of Pint Taken has been delayed because of what’s going on in the world at the moment. It was a difficult decision but not a wholly unfathomable one, based on the government’s mandating of pub closures the ban on social interaction, and the lockdown situation that quickly ensued. 

Despite the magazine not being published in print or online for some time, I wanted to let you know that we still plan to be here moving forward. I am therefore announcing Pint Takeaway, a fortnightly update surrounding takeway services throughout Worcestershire and the surrounding area.

I’ll be seeking other contributions to this mail-out in due course. Please don’t expect anything as polished as Pint Taken in its print/online form as it’s impossible to pull something as professional – my main aim here is to get information out to people with the dual purpose of satisfying those who seek ale and cider sustenance, and as a way of supporting the businesses we love, and which we long to see thine again. We’re sending this out fortnightly on a Monday, beginning April 23rd. 

If you have anything you’d like to contribute to Pint Takeaway, please e-mail us:

Although Covid-19 is our immediate future, it is not the future. I know we will get through this. I hope having this mail-out may bring joy in the face of ambiguity. 

To you, your friends and your families – stay safe. 

James Griffiths
Editor, Pint Taken