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It would be great if you could write an article for Pint Taken or send us news using the email address or using the form below. Please read the Style Guide below for guidance.

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    Priority (Higher to Lower) of articles

    The editor prioritises content for publishing according to the following.

    Pint Taken EXTRA is used to enhance and complement the printed magazine.

    1. Adverts
    2. Local News
    3. Unusual, topical or other special or one off items.
    4. Material submitted before deadline
    5. Short articles (less than 50 words)
    6. Seasonal articles
    7. Articles of “general” interest
    8. Technical or “CAMRA insider” type articles
    9. Long articles (above 250 words)
    10. Articles similar to recent inclusions
    11. Articles submitted after the deadline
    12. Very long articles (above 350 words)

    Style Guide for Contributors

    The following Style Guide is offered in order to ensure a grammatically correct and consistently produced magazine.

    The aim being to create a magazine whereby submissions can be assimilated as efficiently as possible in line with editorial and design protocols and to create a magazine that is an easy informative and enjoyable read.

    Many thanks to everyone who submits an article in whatever format!

    We are only as good as our content.

    All content will need to meet the currently advertised deadline for inclusion in the forthcoming edition.

    Text basics, spelling and grammar

    Printouts should be in an easy to read font.

    Email is the preferred method of submission.

    Files should be presented in text or word format.

    Write CAMRA not Camra or camra.

    Do not capitalise headings.

    Do not use styles or effects such as special fonts, headings, underlining etc as they will need to be converted.

    Use left justified text with NO returns unless you want a paragraph break.

    Paragraphs start on a new line, paragraphs should have single line spacing, all left justified. A first line indent or other paragraph settings will be applied later. No line spaces between paragraphs.

    Single spaces should be used in all cases, e.g. between words and after punctuation. Multiple spaces badly affect layout.

    Capitals should be used for names but not for beer styles as follows:

    Cameron’s Best Bitter is great bitter

    Use the following format for money, time and date: £1.24, 8pm, 8.30pm, Saturday 21st September

    If you use a spell checker, check that it is set to UK English and not US English (check with colour/color)

    A common error is the pluralisation of nouns such as a brewery, a business, the government, the council, the team etc. when in fact each one is a singular noun. Therefore beware of writing:
    “The brewery are going to …” and “… the council say that they will change …”
    Correctly write:
    “The brewery is going to …” and “ … the council says that it will change …”

    Chemical symbols for Carbon Dioxide and Water should be submitted as CO2 and H2O. These will be correctly formatted by the designer as CO2 and H2O.

    Temperatures should be written as follows; 4degreesC. These will be correctly formatted by the designer as 4°C.

    Quantities should be written as 5oz and 31g, not 5 oz or 31 g.


    Be careful about libellous or defamatory remarks.

    Strive to be entertaining, considered and positive, rather than critical.

    Do not offer information as fact with a known high level of uncertainty. Especially pub closures.


    Articles to contain photos where possible, in order to break up large areas of text. Mobile phone Images are should be submitted separately with a title and an instruction on where to be placed in relation to the associated article text.

    Within articles, pub names to be written in bold, unless the paragraph has a bold title of the same pub.

    Articles above 350 words are at risk of being cut down significantly, depending on space available.

    Variety is the spice of life, so please consider a wide range of items for inclusions, accounts, stories, cartoons, jokes, quizzes, photo quizzes, membership experiences, comment, debate, news, complaints and items from CAMRA’s national agenda etc. This applies to advertising too – the magazine is also open to consideration of reputable, local non pub/club/brewery/alcohol advertisers.

    Content sections are subject to re-organisation depending on the range and amount of content and space available e.g. branch and pub news sections.